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Disaster Services

In collaboration with our partners at Catholic Charities USA and Catholic Charities of Missouri, Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri assist our local communities in preparing for and recovering from disasters.  Resources available include:

Emergency Grants:

CCUSA provides disaster funds to support agencies short term disaster efforts.  Known as an emergency grant, up to $10,000 can be provided to cover both direct client assistance and agency administrative support for a 6-month performance period.

CCCNMO received 1 Emergency Grant in 2015 for flooding and used the funding to help 40 survivors, primarily through the provision of home repair and rebuilding services.

Long Term Recovery Grants:

Based on donations on hand, CCUSA provides agencies support in meeting the long-term recovery needs of disaster survivors.  As funds are available and RFP is issues and funds awarded through a competitive process.

Additional Resources:

CCUSA also facilitates the delivery of in-kind resources, visibility kits, and deployment of CC Network staff to help with an agency’s disaster operations as needed.